DiSTI’s Virtual Training Empowers The Next Generation Of Automotive Experts

DiSTI’s Virtual Training Empowers The Next Generation Of Automotive Experts


The DiSTI Corporation, an unparalleled leader in 3D virtual training solutions and graphical user interface software, is actively extending its expertise to benefit Volvo Cars. Renowned for pioneering transformative approaches to immersive learning experiences, DiSTI has become the foremost expert in virtual training development solutions. 

Distinguished by an impressive track record, The DiSTI Corporation excels in seamlessly creating intricate 3D virtual environments that transcend conventional limitations. Going beyond the confines of desktops and mobile devices, their cutting-edge solutions extend into the expansive realms of virtual cloud computing and augmented reality training applications. DiSTI’s success is rooted in an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of virtual training sophistication. Focusing on setting new benchmarks, the company leverages state-of-the-art technology to empower organizations across diverse sectors.

In a pivotal collaboration, Volvo Cars has strategically partnered with DiSTI, entrusting them to develop tailor-made maintenance training applications for two highly anticipated fully electric car models set to launch later this year. This alliance underscores DiSTI’s global leadership in the industry, showcasing its prowess in delivering unparalleled solutions at the forefront of technological advancement.

Swedish Automotive Manufacturer Setting New Standards With DiSTI Schoolhouse™ 

In a grand display of innovation and commitment to excellence, The DiSTI Corporation, renowned globally for its pioneering virtual training solutions, embarks on a momentous endeavor to bolster Volvo Cars’ prowess through bespoke training initiatives. 

With meticulous attention to detail, DiSTI Schoolhouse™ is being ingeniously fortified to cater to the distinct requirements of the esteemed Swedish automotive giant. Not content with mere adequacy, the enhancements bestowed upon DiSTI Schoolhouse™ empower Volvo Cars’ trainers with unprecedented adaptability, allowing for the seamless customization of lessons tailored to diverse global markets. This visionary approach epitomizes a harmonious blend of precision and flexibility, ensuring an unparalleled training experience for technicians and engineers across the globe. 

Embracing DiSTI Schoolhouse™ as its virtual maintenance training bastion, Volvo Cars sets a new standard of proficiency in the automotive realm. Within this realm of technological marvel, DiSTI Schoolhouse™ emerges as the quintessential conduit, offering a meticulously curated journey through a captivatingly immersive 3D environment. Here, knowledge transcends the conventional confines of academia as users delve into the intricacies of Volvo’s illustrious fleet in a hands-on, experiential odyssey. 

The year 2022 bore witness to a monumental milestone as DiSTI Schoolhous™, the paragon of virtual training solutions, spearheaded the training of nearly 4,000 technicians and engineers, ushering in a new era of learning excellence. In this symbiotic alliance between DiSTI Corporation and Volvo Cars, innovation intertwines with tradition, paving the path towards a future where mastery knows no bounds.

DiSTI Schoolhouse™’s Answer To Training Complexities In The Automotive Industry 

In the realm of training, pervasive challenges such as geographical limitations, exorbitant costs, hardware incompatibility, and reliance on outdated methods have traditionally hindered progress. DiSTI Schoolhouse™, a revolutionary managed virtual training solution, dismantles these barriers, paving the way for a smoother, more effective learning experience.

Location Liberation

Forget travel restrictions and dispersed workforces. DiSTI Schoolhouse™ empowers organizations to train employees anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection and a browser. This eliminates geographical constraints, ensuring global reach and accessibility.


Traditional training incurs significant travel, instructor, and hardware expenses. DiSTI Schoolhouse™ slashes these costs by centralizing content delivery and eliminating hardware requirements. The cloud-based solution also reduces maintenance and upgrade expenses, leading to substantial cost savings.

Hardware Hurdles Vanquished

Say goodbye to expensive workstation upgrades. DiSTI Schoolhouse™ renders demanding 3D applications in the cloud, so users only need a standard computer and a browser. This eliminates hardware incompatibility and empowers training on virtually any device.

Modern Methods, Maximum Impact

Ditch outdated, static training materials. DiSTI Schoolhouse™ seamlessly integrates with your existing LMS, allowing you to blend modern 3D content with traditional materials for an engaging and dynamic learning experience.

The Proof Is In The Results

Beyond theoretical advantages, DiSTI Schoolhouse™ delivers tangible results. One client reduced training time by 66% and improved knowledge retention rates, demonstrating its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

Embrace the Future of Training: DiSTI Schoolhouse™ is not just a solution; it’s a transformation. With its scalability, affordability, and accessibility, it empowers organizations to train smarter, reach further, and achieve more.

DiSTI Schoolhouse™: Pioneering Excellence in Virtual Maintenance Training

In an era where geographical barriers fade away, DiSTI Schoolhouse™ emerges as a pivotal tool, enabling organizations to train and certify their workforce regardless of location. Beyond mere convenience, this transformative approach significantly slashes training costs, enhances the overall efficiency, and meticulously archives detailed historical results for a comprehensive review.

This virtual training solution goes beyond conventional training paradigms by presenting a comprehensive, blended curriculum. This is achieved by streamlining the deployment of desktop, local virtual reality (VR), and Mobile VR applications seamlessly integrated into your existing Learning Management System (LMS).

DiSTI Schoolhouse™ Features:

  • Host diverse training materials, use preferred LMS, and deploy rapidly at scale with DiSTI Schoolhouse™.
  • Eliminate the requirement for high-end gaming computers, making 3D training accessible to all users.
  • Achieve instant, scalable global training content deployment with DiSTI Schoolhouse™.
  • Ensure users access the latest 3D training version anytime, anywhere through cloud-based delivery.
  • Experience hassle-free training with no local software installation, ensuring no proprietary data remains post-service exit.

With the advent of virtual training cloud-streaming solutions, industries spanning Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Industrial, and Medical sectors can now access interactive real-time 3D content effortlessly. This is possible through a standard Internet browser, transcending operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, tablets, and Windows.

DiSTI Schoolhouse™ eliminates the need for software modification or local installation. By rendering content in the cloud, this groundbreaking platform lightens the load on local computers, eliminating the need for high-end graphics rendering hardware. 

The VR training solutions enhance training sessions by reducing the 3-day tech certification course to just 9 hours, significantly elevating engagement and achieving unparalleled levels of knowledge retention.

DiSTI Schoolhouse™ Virtual Classroom redefines teaching. Instructors easily create classes, share content, and connect with learners using voice chat, text, screen sharing, video, and optional webcam capture. These dynamic features elevate the virtual learning experience, establishing DiSTI Schoolhouse™ as a key asset in remote training.

Maximizing Training Effectiveness With DiSTI’s VE Studio®

VE Studio®, the cutting-edge virtual maintenance training development platform by DiSTi, emerges as a groundbreaking solution for automotive enterprises, revolutionizing conventional training approaches. 

This innovative platform empowers automotive companies to construct life-like virtual simulations that mirror real maintenance scenarios, providing trainees with hands-on experience interacting with virtual systems.

Distinguished by its user-friendly authoring tools, VE Studio® facilitates the effortless creation and customization of training solutions, eliminating the need for extensive programming expertise. The platform’s remarkable scalability further enhances its appeal, allowing for comprehensive training programs tailored to various skill levels and training objectives within the dynamic automotive sector. VE Studio® is a testament to the future of training efficiency, ushering in a new era of immersive and adaptable learning experiences.

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Join the ranks of Global 500 companies, military organizations, and commercial clients worldwide who have embraced DiSTI Corporation’s cutting-edge software products and professional services. Our latest innovation, DiSTI Schoolhouse™, revolutionizes virtual training by eliminating the need for high-end gaming computers, making 3D training applications accessible to all.

Ready to explore the future of training? Contact us at sales@disti.com to learn more about The DiSTI Corporation’s virtual training development and solutions. 


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