3 Problems that Can Adversely Affect Magento Store Management: How to Fix Them?

3 Problems that Can Adversely Affect Magento Store Management: How to Fix Them?

There’s no doubt about how great of a platform Magento is for you to run your eCommerce business. It is packed with lots of features and functionalities for you to thrive in your business. But, in the quest to streamline your eCommerce operations, you wouldn’t want to encounter the common Magento store management issues. 

It is because any issue that gets triggered with respect to store management of Magento can hamper or slow down the performance. You cannot deny the fact that Magento is a complex platform to manage, with all the technicalities hidden behind its powerful features. Therefore, even the slightest misalignment in the integration process can result in issues. 

Therefore, you must hire professional Magento product store management VAs to look after your operations and ensure it is seamless. These professionals have the right skills to either handle the problems by diving deeper into them or solve them by just eradicating any unwanted function from your Magento dashboard.

Remember, there are ways to bypass or overcome problems. This article is all about educating you on those potential Magento store management issues and ways you can fix or overcome them with the help of professional VAs. 

What are the 3 Common Magento Store Management Issues? How to Fix Them?

If you have decided to get along with Magento for starting your eCommerce business, you must get an insight into the common problems you might run into. With strict awareness comes the preparedness to tackle those issues with the help of professional product store management services. 

So, the 3 common problems associated with Magento store management aspects are:

1. Slow and Unresponsive Website

When you have your entire business dependent on a website, you must know that the speed and responsiveness of it are what matters the most. The speed at which the site loads will impact a lot on the conversion rates. Your customers will prefer spending more time or money on websites that tend to load faster. 

But, one of the most common issues that the Magento store owners face is, slower and unresponsive site speed. This mostly happens due to unplanned integration of diverse extensions and configuration of unwanted settings for your Magento store. 

For all the newcomers to Magento, you might have to hire virtual assistant services to overcome the responsiveness and slower site speed issues. Here’s how a Magento product store management VA can help overcome this problem:

  • Seek optimization of the CSS and JavaScript files to ensure web pages load faster. The VAs can help merge the multiple CSS and JS files as a single entity, which will reduce the overall server load and increase the speed of the site. 
  • They will enable varnish caching, which will reduce the overall consumption of network bandwidth, increasing the site response time. Thus, the site loading speed will increase. 

2. Risks with Magento Security

Being a popular eCommerce platform comes with its share of security hazards. As you know, Magento is the powerhouse for a lot of big and renowned brands, which puts this platform on the interest list of hackers. 

Managing the security aspects and tackling the global scale vulnerability should be the priority for all store owners. Therefore, it is better to hire Magento product store management VAs and let them implement a few impactful solutions to overcome the security risks that arise while running or managing a Magento store:

  • The VAs will make sure that the server environment is immensely secure and relies on various top-notch technologies such as PHP, MySQL and others. Following that, they might recommend using a web app firewall, file system permissions, strong passwords or others to enhance the protection quotient. 
  • The VAs will be able to integrate security patches consistently, as Magento releases them periodically to ensure your store overcomes the vulnerabilities. 
  • Two-factor authentication will be embedded to keep your store safe from any kind of suspicious activities. Let the VAs invoke this feature for your seamless Adobe Commerce store management. 

3. Issues with Hosting

If you have done your share of the research, you already know that Magento is a self-hosted eCommerce platform. With it, you will have the flexibility to pick your select hosting plans or service providers. But, due to poor Adobe Commerce store management, a lot of business owners like you fail to utilize the potential of this feature. 

Most of you don’t even have the necessary hosting features, such as RAM or memory, for dealing with high-traffic situations. At times, it might turn out to be a critical issue! So, to tackle it, hire virtual assistant services, as they will help you pick the right hosting solution with careful consideration. 

Some of the things VAs implement while suggesting the best hosting plans are:

  • A CDN will be used to help your site reach out to the users’ devices faster, irrespective of where they are around the world. 
  • They will help you choose a specific hosting plan that can auto-scale at times when your Magento store experiences high traffic. 
  • The VAs will recommend you adopt managed hosting services for your Magento store, especially when you don’t have an in-house support team. The remote assistants offering your product store management services will look after the seamless execution of the hosting features.

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Parting Words

Magento has a lot of power hidden within its features or functionalities! But you ought to control their usability to ensure they don’t cause any operational flaws! Therefore, hiring Magento store management VAs can help you look after the potential risks and repel them to keep your website safe from any operational hiccups. 

This article enlightened you with just a few of the many issues that your Magento store might experience without expert supervision. And the most productive and economical way to fill that gap is by hiring a remote virtual assistant to look after your store attributes. So, go ahead and ensure that these Magento store management issues don’t hamper your success trail.


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