Should You Order Kikuyu Turf Online Or Get It Directly

Kikuyu Turf Online

If you’re looking to lay kikuyu turf for your lawn or garden landscape, you have two main options – order kikuyu turf online for delivery from authentic sources like or pick it up directly from a local turf supplier. Both options have their own sets of pros and cons to weigh up. This blog breaks down the key factors to help you decide what works best for your needs and budget.

Convenience Factor

Ordering kikuyu turf online is hugely convenient. With just a few clicks, you can choose your turf type, order the exact square meter you need, and arrange a delivery date that suits your schedule. Reputable online turf suppliers make the process fuss-free. You don’t need to travel to pick up the turf or arrange your own transportation, and delivery is included in the turf price or available for an additional fee. This saves you time and effort.

The main drawback is you can’t see or feel the quality of turf before purchasing. You need to rely on product descriptions and images. If you’re particular about turf thickness, texture or color, seeing it first-hand directly from the grower may give you greater confidence in what you’re buying.

Cost Considerations  

Ordering online provides more turf options at competitive prices. Specials and bulk order discounts can achieve significant savings over direct rates. Just watch out for hidden fees like delivery or installation charges that can offset upfront price advantages. When buying directly, travel mileage is an extra cost you need to factor in.

Availability and Accessibility

As an online shopper, you can access a greater number of turf suppliers and inventory. Order volumes to meet demand. If local outlets don’t stock the specific turf you want or have limited choice, going online opens up more possibilities. Online turf can come from interstate growers. Buying locally, you’re restricted to what growers nearby can provide.


Installing fresh turf is weather dependent. Online orders can take days or weeks for delivery. Direct pick-up enables buying turf as you need it, so you can coordinate timing with suitable turf laying conditions. No storage is required. Local growers may also offer installation services that online suppliers do not.

Quality Considerations

Reputable online stores source quality turf from professional growers, so you can still purchase premium turf. Useful buyer protections like satisfaction guarantees provide peace of mind. Direct purchasing does give greater control and visibility throughout the production, harvesting and transportation process. Check online supplier credentials, certifications, or licences for assurance around quality standards and business integrity.

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The Verdict

Ordering kikuyu turf online offers convenience and potential cost savings, with access to wider supplier choice and turf varieties. Direct purchasing facilitates custom orders, better quality inspection and timing coordination with installation. Weigh up the pros and cons relative to your needs. For most homeowners looking to order smaller domestic volumes, buying online makes sound sense for service, quality and value. Larger commercial projects may benefit more from a direct grower relationship and customization.


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