Tips to Create Melbourne Websites that Resonate Locally


Are you an Australian-owned and operated business with all of Australia as your target audience? If yes, all your business operations appeal to this particular audience and give them the incentive to invest in your business. Here, one key aspect to consider is your website design in Melbourne.

Your website is the first point of contact between you and your potential customers, and if you are unable to capture their attention at this stage, they might not invest any further in your business. So, it is important that you create a website that resonates with your target audience, here the Melbourne population. To help you on this front, here are a few tips to create Melbourne websites that resonate locally. 

Let’s get started. 

Research and Know Your Local Audience 

The first step to creating a website that resonates locally is to research and know your target audience. From the demographics and local trends to the much-celebrated cultural differences, gather information about it all and include related elements in your website. When you research your target audience, you get to know what they like, their pain points, what kind of services or products they are looking for, and much more.

All this information allows you to create a website appealing to them and may strike their curiosity. If your target audience likes what they see, the more the chances of them becoming your customers from being mere visitors.  

Translate Melbourne’s Vibe into Your Website Design 

Australia’s capital city, Melbourne, with its rich cultural heritage, is known for its unique festivals, multicultural values, beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks and a lot more. So, when designing your website, these are some elements that should find a representation.

The people in Melbourne, like any other city, have a strong fascination for anything that reminds them of their history and values, and this resemblance evokes a sense of trust and reliability. So, if you are targeting the local Melbourne population with your website, make sure to capture Melbourne’s vibe through diverse elements and establish yourself as a Melbourne business

Remember that you can cater to the city’s multilingual audience with a website translation service and expand your reach even further.

Take Inspiration From Prominent Colour Schemes 

While colours are not divided by geographical boundaries, different locations tend to have an inclination towards certain colours. These are the colours that are prominently found within the local landscape – the surroundings, landmarks, street art, etc. For instance, deep-blue greens that represent the coastal region of Melbourne, earthy tones symbolic of Melbourene’s rich landscape, vibrant colours that are found in the city’s street art, etc., all these colours will help create a vibe unique to that of Melbourne. So, if you wish to add a local touch to your web design in Melbourne, your colour palette can be an easy and effective way to do so. 

Optimise Content with Local Phrases 

The majority of people in Australia are proficient in English, and it’s also the most commonly used language. However, some certain words and phrases are common to the Melbourne region. These slang or colloquial terms evoke a sense of belonging amidst the local Melbourne community. It could be anything ranging from “mate”, “g’day” or “how ya going”.

You know it’s the Australian dialect when you hear these words or phrases. Including such words in your website can be a way to connect with the local population and make them relate to the content you are offering. But at the same time, you should be a bit cautious when using such words, as if not used correctly, they might sound unprofessional and bring down the credibility of your business. 

Add Local Testimonials and Reviews

Adding testimonials and reviews on your website is a great way to build a sense of trust and credibility amongst your target audience. The moment someone reads a testimonial written by someone in their neighbourhood or locality, they get an incentive to trust the business and at least give it a chance. So, if you have served local customers in the past, ask them to share a review with you. Make sure to keep that as original as possible. Otherwise, they might have the opposite effect. 

Don’t Miss Out On the Festivities 

Festivals are often the time of the year when your business can make significant growth. During holidays, people tend to shop online to their heart’s content. They try to catch up on all the requirements – shopping for necessities or gifts and availing of the necessary services. So, this is when you can attract the most customers to your website and business. But you have to be prepared. Launch festive offers and discounts and give your website a festive makeover. These small details can also help you with the SEO, and the offers can help you with your conversion rate. So, include the festive colours and joys in your website and share the festive spirit. 


Include these tips into your web design strategy, and you will be sure to build a website that resonates with the local Melbourne community or any locality. So, if you are looking for a team to help you achieve the feat, connect with our team at Make My Website today. We are a Melbourne-based company offering comprehensive web design solutions across Australia. We also provide SEO Melbourne services, so whatever your web design or SEO-related requirements might be, connect with us and expect holistic assistance. 


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