Unconventional Bong Designs: Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity

bong designs

As you get introduced to the world of cannabis, you probably have an idea of what a functional bong should look like. But before you choose the good old classic bong design that is most smokers’ favorite, you might want to get a little adventurous to discover unique bong creations. Unconventional bong designs allow you to step out of the norm to give you enhanced bong experience and functionality.

Choose between intricate designs with unique shapes and colors that are shaping the smoking community. In this article, we explore unusual designs that show the bong artists’ unmatched creativity and innovation to offer users unique pieces of art for their collections.

Factors to consider when buying unconventional bong designs

To achieve the unique designs, more work go into these bongs. For instance, most come with complex mechanisms for additional filtration. Others have complex shapes that might make cleaning quite hectic. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you find a balance between style and functionality. Keep in mind these factors when making your choice.

  • Ease of cleaning/maintenance
  • Level of filtration and cooling
  • Portability
  • Functionality
  • Durability

Unique bong designs

Your bong doesn’t have to be the usual standard bong that every other smoker has. Thankfully, with bong artists pushing the boundaries of creativity, you will be awed at the unique bongs available in the market. Get yourself one that not only matches your lifestyle, but one that you can display proudly even on social smoking events.

Here are a few unconventional bong designs that are both functional and a beautiful addition to your smoking accessories arsenal.

Heart shaped bongs

If you want to show your preference for cute things, heart shaped bongs are your way to go. Most feature pink glass with a chamber that has a heart shape. You can also find one with a bowl and percolators shaped in cute heart designs. The upside of heart shaped bongs is that they are visually appealing. It can even pass as a glass art piece addition for your home. It also helps you bring out your feminine side, giving you a unique smoking experience. In addition, they make the perfect gift choice for any occasion.

Recycler bongs

As the name suggests, recycler bongs allow you to recycle the smoke several times before you can inhale it. To achieve this, they are designed with multiple chambers. They also have intricate pathways that smoke uses to travel through. Smoke travels in a continuous loop where it is filtered and cooled further. This allows users to experience smoother and cooler hits. Moreover, the unique design presents a marvelous work of art that shows the amount of creativity put into it.

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Animal shaped bongs

For animal lovers, bong artists have gone out of their way to allow you to experience your passion for animals even when smoking your favorite herbs. The animal themed selection offers a unique way to stand out and amuse your friends at your cannabis events. You can also display them in your house as décor pieces. The animal shaped bongs feature all your favorite animals including alligators, elephants, rabbits, and your favorite birds such as flamingos among others.

Plant shaped bongs

Just like animal-themed bongs, plant-themed bongs are designed to help you bring out your unique personality while delivering an enhanced experience with every session. Imagine yourself taking hits from a bong with a chamber shaped like the face of a happy cactus, pumpkin or mushroom. You can be sure of unmatched joy and a great way to start conversations in social meetings.

Colored bongs

Break out of the usual clear glass bongs by embracing colored bongs in your collection. These allow you to add a pop of color to your sessions and incorporate your personality in your smoking journey. The good thing is that you can find unique colored bongs for your unique personality. For that masculine stoner style, you can choose from green bongs to deep blues and purples. For that girly feeling, you can find cute colors such as pink, yellow and light blues.

Floral themed bongs

For that unique smoking accessory that stands out, bong designers are pushing boundaries to deliver fun and beautiful pieces. With delicate dried flowers and beautiful butterflies adorning each piece, it gives you an extraordinary way to mesh your love for smoking with your bubbly personality. These also feature exciting colors and intricate patterns for that stylish addition to your smoking tools that you won’t want to conceal in the cupboard or closet.

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Unconventional bong designs are conversation starters owing to their eye-catching and beautiful attributes. Also, they incorporate additional filtration and smoke diffusion abilities for those smoother and more flavorful hits. Thankfully, the choices are unlimited. From vibrant color choices to whimsical creatures and patterns inscribed into the glasswork, you are spoilt for choice. However, keep in mind that these unique pieces of art might require extra care when handling them and more maintenance to keep them clean


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