Breaking Free from Expectations: Dudes Unwrapping Surprises from the Ladies


Gift-giving is one of the oldest and most effective love languages in the history of mankind. No matter how the world changes, we still love a thoughtful gift from our loved ones. For the longest time, however, ladies have struggled to understand what men truly want. They’re always stumped on what to get the men they love, especially when these men seem to have everything and want nothing.

This dilemma is compounded by a myriad of cheesy “gifts for men” suggestions on gift guides splattered all over the internet. That’s how most ladies end up wasting their hard-earned money on gifts their men hate. This article seeks to put an end to this costly confusion. We have created for you a comprehensive men’s gift guide with alternate gifts to substitute the popular cheesy options. But first:

Cheesy and Sometimes Lame Gifts Most Men Hate!

Ladies, before we get too far, we should first mention that “it’s the thought that counts” has no place in gifting. It’s the perfect gift that counts. As you think about the best gift to get your man, it’s best that you don’t think about the following:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Gift cards
  • Branded pajamas, especially those Christmas pajamas he can only wear on Christmas day.
  • A tie (unless they’re bow ties)

Bottom line: Don’t waste your money on superfluous or obvious gifts that your man will probably never use. Avoid empty gestures that, although fancy, have little to no impact on his life. Go for practical gifts that he can use any day, every day, all year around.

Unwrapping Surprises From the Ladies: Unique and Unconventional Gifts For Your Man

As a lady looking to express your love and devotion to your man, here are practical gifts that can fit any budget:

1. A travel bag

A classy, functional, masculine travel bag or a carry-on suitcase will forever be a wonderful gift for your man—it doesn’t matter if he already has one. Just be sure that it looks chic and unique, and that it gets the job done. Ensure that it’s big enough to fit all the toiletry and personal stuff that your man needs to carry when traveling.

2. A custom pocket knife

Men love carrying a pocket knife for many reasons: Administering first aid, a utility tool for camping & fishing,  protection, and even simple functions like peeling fruit. Even if you have never seen your man carrying a pocket knife, you can bet he will love one as a gift. You can also bet he will put it to good use on multiple occasions throughout his life. While you’re at it, remember to get it expertly laser-engraved with a personalized message either on the blade or handle. Your man will treasure and cherish his knife for a lifetime!

3. Personalized license plates

Whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s, anniversary, or holiday, never miss an opportunity to gift your loved one custom license plates for his car. Custom plates will make your man stand out wherever he drives. You can pick cheeky or funny phrases that your man loves, or you can express how you feel about him on the personalized plates. Customized registration plates will make your man’s car look more stylish and luxurious than it actually is.

4. A classy watch

Watches are simply perfect- they’re practical, fancy, stylish, classic, and fashionable. They ooze style, personality, and class. Besides, there are plenty of stylish watches for practically any budget. Whether your man loves casual to formal wear, a watch will fit in well with his fashion sense. Watches are also timeless- your man can wear his gift watch any day of the week, any season of the year for the rest of his life.

He will wear it with confidence and style knowing that it came from the woman he loves. What’s more, if you find it hard to gift your man because he already has everything, a watch is the one item that a man can own thousands and still want one more.

Do you need help finding the perfect watch for your man? Essence Leggera  FortyOne is an exciting option for you- if your man doesn’t have it already. The watch is so lightweight that your man won’t feel its weight on his wrist at all. Its technical features, on the other hand, bring out the ultimate fusion of elegance and practicability. A good quality watch that’s built to last.

5. Waterproof camera

This is a perfect gift for men who love the outdoors- rock climbing, skiing, snorkeling, etc. He probably has a camera already, but does he have one that can withstand the harshest of weather elements? He needs a waterproof camera that works when he’s completely submerged underwater, salty sea water included. Gift him one of those and he will never put it down. Be sure to choose a waterproof camera that takes quality photos underwater and captures 4K high-definition video 50+ feet below the surface. A good camera should also be able to withstand temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Golf mini putting mat

A perfect gift for any golf lover. If your man is an amateur or experienced golfer, he definitely will love a mini putting mat that he can spread in the living room and enjoy an intimate golfing session indoors. He will love sharpening his putting skills in private before stepping out for a game with his mates. The mat is great for relieving stress and staying active without having to step outside. It’s also perfect for playing as a couple on those romantic evenings as you sip some wine with romantic music in the background.

7. A non-stick barbeque grill mat

A quality, heat-resistant, non-stick grill mat solves almost all barbeque-related headaches that your man goes through during cookouts. A good mat should be PTFE-Fiberglass coated to enhance its heat resistance (preferably 600ºF and above). It should also be reusable and dishwasher safe- men love everything about barbeque except cleaning after themselves. A good grill mat should make the work easier for your man, not add more work for him. Most importantly, ensure that the grill mat is durable enough to slow down wear and tear on the grates.

Note: For the gift to be meaningful, you should get the best quality grill mat for your man. Avoid the cheap plastic grill mats that are neither durable nor functional.

8. A portable air compressor

This one is perfect for men who love off-road cycling. If your man isn’t into offroading, you should get him a bike first before gifting him a portable air compressor. Off-road cycling is great for both mental and physical health- a great way to do a total body workout and a perfect way to interact with nature. Your man will love exploring biking trails in your area with friends or, even better, with you. A portable air compressor is a necessity in offroading because it can inflate any tire (including a car tire). It also comes in handy during family road trips.

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In conclusion

We hope you now have a pretty good clue of what your boyfriend might love. We have sampled a few creative gifts that you probably hadn’t thought of before. It’s good to know that there isn’t a silver bullet in gifting; what works for most men may not necessarily work for your man. The best thing to do is try to mix up your gifts, try different things, and have something fresh and new for every gifting cycle. Happy shopping!


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