Types Of Mobile App Development In Los Angeles (Key Vision and Mission)

Mobile App Development

A mobile app development company in Los Angeles is known for creating mobile applications with versatile features, and alluring visuals. 

According to research, more than 85% of the total population in the United States opt for mobile applications for their daily chores. For example, if they want to book a ride, they use a ride-hailing application. 

If they want to connect with their friends and family overseas, then they download social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 


Similarly, if people are looking for a medical treatment, then, they can now do it online simply by downloading a healthcare application. 

These are a few of the real-time examples of mobile applications. Companies are now looking for professionals who will not only understand the critical needs of clients, but also deploy features-rich, and intuitive applications. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss‌ the different types of mobile applications. Be calm, and stick to the screens. 

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Use Cases of Mobile Application – Real-Time Usage Of Applications

In this section, we are going to discuss the use-cases of mobile applications that will give you a clear pathway leading to a successful mobile app deployment in a real-time environment. 

  • Navigational, and Mapping Applications:

Gone are the days when people were dependent on fellow men, or used their own memory to keep routes in mind.

Now drivers can use navigation apps like Google, Apple, Apple Maps, or Waze to find‌ routes, and avoid traffic congestion that is indicated by red color, and clear paths by green color.

Customers use these applications for checking the condition of the roads, locating themselves through GPS, and seeing their destination by a pin location.

  • Food Delivery Application:

Applications like UberEat, and DoorDash are widely in use as customers can now order food online and get it delivered to their doorsteps.

Mobile app developers develop such applications and keep track of their order status, and get the estimated delivery time for the order.

Companies are now employing AR app development services, integrating AR technology within the applications to give a real-time experience to the customers.

For the drivers, they get the order number, and the location of the customers. Once they get the order from the cafe, they pick it up and deliver it to their doorsteps.

  • Social Media Applications

Users can now communicate with their long-distance friends and families without any hassle. They can download applications like Facebook, Instagram, Botim, Imo, and Whatsapp to connect with them online. 

These applications have amazing features like online chatting, online messaging, video chatting, images sharing, video sharing, etc. 

These applications are widely in use even for socializing, and letting your added friends know what’s happening in your life.

  • Mobile Banking and Payment Applications

In fifth, we’ve mobile banking and payment applications that are hands down the best way to connect with your banking officials and do all the transactions online. 


You can check your credit and debit history, and make online transactions to any third-party bank without any additional charges. 

There are merchants like PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay to facilitate clients with secured payment and convenient translation without any malware attack.

You can download such applications and explore the amazing features of these apps today!

  • Ride-Sharing and Taxi Services:

The second type of mobile application, which we are going to discuss is, ride-sharing or ride-hailing applications. 

In the United States, Uber and Lyft are highly in demand as customers are seen downloading these applications to pin-point their current location, and get the estimated time to reach the destination.

The working mechanism of the application is pretty ‌simple! The taxi drivers receive ‌ ride requests, and accept it if they’re getting enough fare for the ride. Once done, they reach your current location, and the ride starts.

These types of travel app development services are offered by almost all the leading app development firms, who have expertise in designing and developing similar applications. 

  • Entertainment and Streaming Applications

Readers mostly intermix entertainment and social media applications together; however, the reality is entirely different.

Users can now stream movies, TV shows, cricket shows, and music videos online without any hassle. These applications include Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, etc. 

Even the gaming applications are also included in this part. There are different gaming applications made available for the users to download, and play online with their friends and family.

  • Health and Fitness Applications

You don’t have to visit the hospital or clinic every time you feel nauseous or sick. Instead, these are different healthcare applications that have medical professionals in the dashboard. 

You can pay online for the appointment, and connect with the doctors to discuss your current health situation, and get instant treatment. After the consultation, the doctor shares a medical report that has the medicines for your treatment. 

Similar to this, there are different fitness applications that keep the track of your heart beat, weight, total walks, and everything essential.

You can wear smartwatches, and keep ‌track of your heartbeat and health without any issue. Fitbit, and myfitnesspal are convenient examples of health and fitness applications. 

You can download these applications from your app store, and explore the amazing features for yourself!


  • Project Management Tools and Applications

Young professionals in the IT sector look out for applications that serve them to keep a markup of their projects, and get a notification whenever the deadline is running up. 

These applications not only help app designers, developers, and other technical individuals within the team to maintain a track of their activities but also deliver the project timely. 

Microsoft Team is a collaborative tool for communicating with the people within the team, whereas Jira and Asana are well-known project management tools used by IT professionals. 

Ready To Develop Your Own Need-Specific Application?

We are done for the day. We hope you enjoyed learning about different types of applications, and they help customers to have a peaceful time together. Whether it’s ride-hailing apps, medical care apps, tourism apps, or any other app related to the real-time issue faced by the users – these apps will do it all for you! Always connect with the team of professionals to learn about their expertise in relevant applications, and see if they could design and develop similar apps for you. If not, then it’s high time to choose another app design and development company. Good Luck with the analysis, and finalization process! Happy Reading. 

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