Pushwoosh: Behavior-Based Customer Engagement Platform


Pushwoosh stands as the leading digital customer engagement platform chosen by 80,000 clients spanning diverse industries, including renowned global brands. Pushwoosh, originally a pioneer in push notifications, has grown to excel in elevating user engagement across diverse channels. The platform specializes in providing industry-specific solutions for media, lifestyle, e-commerce, gaming, and fintech & banking apps. 

Customer-centric approach to user engagement

Pushwoosh provides marketing automation solutions that ensure mobile-driven growth for all kinds of businesses. The tools can be customized to every Pushwoosh customer’s goals, needs, and industry specifics. The platform provides powerful functionality and the highest efficiency.

Why do customers choose Pushwoosh?

Marketers leverage Pushwoosh to enhance customer engagement, retention, and Lifetime Value (LTV). Professionals achieve their marketing goals by leveraging automated push notifications (both mobile and web), in-app messages, emails, and omnichannel event-triggered communications. 

Pushwoosh delivers crucial capabilities, such as campaign automation using the Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder, audience segmentation, personalized messaging, performance analytics, and the AI Content Composer. These features equip you with the necessary tools to craft and refine your customer engagement strategies.

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder: refine your communication campaigns 

Customer Journey Builder provides you with the flexibility to tailor your campaigns to match your objectives. You can choose from:

  • Trigger-based entry: For example, target subscription upgrade offers to users expressing interest in premium features or tailor upsell offers to customers with a history of making purchases within your e-commerce app.
  • Audience-based entry: Alternatively, opt for an audience-based entry by targeting specific user segments based on their data. For instance, residents of a particular city may positively respond to local news delivered by a media app, while subscribers of a streaming service may appreciate personalized “You may also like” content recommendations. 

Moreover, in the Customer Journey Builder, you can establish flexible timing criteria for sending push notifications:

  • At the optimal time calculated individually for each user;
  • Within a time delay;
  • At the specific time.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to fine-tune your campaign delivery with additional features, such as:

  • Set Silent Hours: Designate specific time intervals during which messages will not be sent, respecting users’ preferred quiet periods.
  • Implement Frequency Capping: Ensure a balanced user experience by controlling the frequency of notifications, preventing users from receiving an excessive number within a short time frame.

Pushwoosh segmentation: reach precise audiences

Pushwoosh’s segmentation capabilities stand out, allowing businesses to achieve precise targeting:

  • Targeting based on user behavior or demographics: use https://www.pushwoosh.com/products/emails/ to reach users based on their actions and demographics.
  • Geo-based targeting: send location-specific push notifications for local events, deals, or services.
  • Predictive segments: integrate analytics tools to target segments predicted to be most responsive.
  • RFM segmentation: improve customer lifetime value, increase conversions, and track monetary metrics.

These segmentation strategies ensure businesses consistently reach the right audience with the right message, driving engagement and conversions.

Personalized communication for a human touch

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder empowers businesses to create automated, personalized customer interactions across various touchpoints. By using dynamic content they can tailor messages based on collected user data. Businesses can address customers by name, reference their preferred products, or customize offers to their interests, ensuring each message is a unique and personal interaction.

Optimize your campaigns using data

Accessing detailed analytics and reports within Pushwoosh is integral to refining campaigns and making data-driven decisions. You can track campaign performance, measure user engagement, and gain insights to continuously optimize your messaging strategy.

Refine campaigns through experimentation

Pushwoosh’s A/B/n testing allows marketers to experiment with various possibilities. From comparing push notification variations to extending testing across in-app messages, SMS, and emails, businesses can optimize performance across diverse communication channels. Testing multiple elements within customer journeys identifies the most effective combination for messaging strategies.

Industry use cases: leveraging Pushwoosh across sectors

Pushwoosh tailors solutions for businesses across diverse sectors, empowering enterprises to establish meaningful connections with their audience. Explore examples illustrating how businesses can harness Pushwoosh’s unique capabilities to achieve specific objectives.


  • Abandoned cart recovery: utilize Pushwoosh to automatically send reminders to users who abandoned their shopping carts.
  • Flash sales and discounts: promote flash sales, exclusive discounts, and limited-time offers through Pushwoosh, driving immediate sales and revenue growth.


  • In-game events: inform players about in-game events, special challenges, and rewards, enhancing player engagement and retention.
  • Updates and patch notes: send push notifications with game updates, patch notes, and bug fixes to keep players informed and engaged.


  • Breaking news alerts: deliver breaking news updates to app users, ensuring they are always well-informed.
  • New content releases: notify subscribers about the release of new articles, videos, or podcasts, increasing audience engagement.

Subscription-based apps

  • Subscription renewal reminders: send push notifications to remind users of upcoming renewals or offer exclusive incentives to encourage them to extend their subscriptions.
  • Personalized content recommendations: analyze user behavior to deliver tailored content suggestions, boosting user satisfaction and retention.

Mobile and delivery

  • Real-time tracking: utilize Pushwoosh to provide real-time order tracking and delivery updates, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Promotions and discounts: send promotions to app users who order frequently or during peak hours, boosting order frequency and revenue.

Fintech and banking

  • Transaction alerts: send transaction alerts, helping users stay on top of their finances and detect any suspicious activity.
  • Personalized financial insights: provide personalized financial insights and investment tips based on user profiles and transaction history, fostering customer loyalty.


  • Travel updates and itinerary reminders: utilize Pushwoosh to keep travelers informed about their trip, sending real-time updates on flight changes, hotel check-in times, and itinerary reminders, enhancing the overall travel experience.
  • Special offers and destination insights: use Pushwoosh to send personalized promotions and destination insights, enhancing the overall travel experience and driving bookings.


  • Announcements and course updates: leverage Pushwoosh to deliver important announcements, course updates, and assignment reminders to students, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with their studies.
  • Personalized learning recommendations: recommend personalized learning paths, course materials, and resources based on individual student progress, enhancing the overall learning experience and retention rates.

These examples showcase just a glimpse of Pushwoosh’s potential across diverse industries. Discover the platform to unlock success in your sector.


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