From Head to Tail: A Guide to the Best Accessories for Your Furry Friend

From Head to Tail: A Guide to the Best Accessories for Your Furry Friend

Getting into pet ownership is a big responsibility and often requires specialized gear to keep your furry debonair happy and healthy. From harnesses to collars, picking out the right accessories is a personal choice that depends on your hound’s needs and your own style.

Show off your dog’s personality with a cute, festive hat or bowtie. Or give your dog a hands-free running leash to stay safe and comfortable during walks.


While collars are fine for many dogs, harnesses offer more control and safety for your furry friend during outdoor walks or activities. They reduce choking and breathing issues, prevent pulling, and are a great alternative for training.

The Wonder Walker no-pull harness places control around your dog’s center of gravity rather than their neck or head, making it a good option for small, toy, and brachycephalic breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs. This soft, padded harness is lightweight and easy to clean, so it will last through plenty of walks with your pup.


One of the main responsibilities of dog ownership is making sure that your furry friend stays safe and secure. Collars are a great way to do this, as they can hold your pet’s ID tag with your contact information in case your pup gets lost.

You can also find collars with fun designs that will reflect your pup’s personality. Some even come with a matching leash to make your whole outfit look elegant and stylish.


A quality leash is essential for keeping your pet safe during walks and other outdoor adventures. Its design can also strengthen your bond with them and reinforce obedience training.

The COOYOO Dog Leash is a durable and comfortable choice for pet owners who love long walks with their pets. Its padded handles and reflective threads provide safety during evening walks.

Unlike collars, which hold identification tags, a leash has a metal D-ring to attach to the end of a dog harness bundle or collar. The D-ring can lay flat or be flipped up to prevent the leash from getting caught on objects and becoming entangled.

Harness Straps

Unlike a collar, harnesses distribute pressure around your dog’s body to prevent neck strain. They also reduce the risk of choking or escape.

Choosing the right harness for your dog can be a bit of an adventure. First, you’ll need to know the correct size to ensure a comfortable fit. Then, you’ll need to choose a style that suits your dog’s personality and lifestyle.


Whether you’re looking for something stylish or functional, there’s a perfect fit for your furry friend. Browse our collection of top-quality pet accessories. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Collar Straps

This collar offers a sleek and stylish design, with an adjustable size that fits most dogs. The quick-release buckle is pet safe and won’t pop open, and the D-ring allows you to attach your dog’s ID tags and bells.

This collar is designed to help you train your dog or cat to stay within your property boundaries using both tone and static correction. It is waterproof and rechargeable, and it comes with a warranty to ensure quality. It is part of the Invisible Fence brand, so you can trust that it will be reliable and effective.

Leash Hooks

Keep your dog leashes organised and easily accessible with a wall-mounted hook. These convenient accessories are functional and stylish, and come in a variety of designs to complement your home decor.

Before selecting a leash holder, consider the number of hooks you want and whether you’ll need to hang other items on the holder such as a poop bag holder or flashlight. If so, choose a model with enough space to accommodate those extra items.

Also consider the type of snap hook you’ll need for your dog’s leash. Swivel-eye bolt snaps are popular for their versatility and are available in a wide range of material options.

Collar Hooks

A collar serves many important purposes, from showing your dog’s ID and helping them return home if they ever get lost to providing control during training sessions. In addition, some collars can help to prevent pulling and provide extra support for dogs with mobility issues or breathing problems.

While many dogs initially dislike collars, some grow to love them, especially if they are well-fitted and made from soft materials. This preference is influenced by several factors, including training and behaviour needs, allergies or sensitivities, and style and design.


There are many different types of collars and leashes available for your pet, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your pet’s needs and personality. Consider factors such as size, breed, behaviour, and any specific requirements before making a purchase. Always make sure the collar and leash fit properly and are comfortable for your pet to wear. With the right collar and leash, you and your pet can enjoy safe and enjoyable walks together.


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