Choosing The Right Metal Fabrication Services Shop: 6 Key Considerations


Whether you need custom metal parts for a new product prototype or require regular production runs of metal components, partnering with the right metal fabrication shop is crucial. The fabrication company you choose impacts everything from quality and lead times to pricing and responsiveness. Keep the following key considerations in mind as you evaluate prospective metal fabrication services like TurnWeld to find the best fit.

Capabilities and Specialties

Carefully examine the capabilities and specialties of any shop you’re considering. What types of custom metal fabrication do they specialize in? Common metal fabrication services include:

  • CNC machining and cutting 
  • Laser, waterjet and plasma cutting
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Welding (MIG, TIG, spot, etc.)
  • Powder coating and finishing

Make sure the shop has direct experience fabricating metal materials, components and products similar to yours. Ask for example parts they’ve produced in the past. Having relevant experience manufacturing metal parts like yours smooths the prototyping process.

Quality Management

Don’t assume all metal shops meet the same stringent quality standards or certifications. Thoroughly vet each company’s quality management system, standards and procedures. Ideally, they should be ISO 9001 certified at a minimum. 

Also ask about dimensional tolerances, inspection procedures, testing, equipment maintenance and employee training related to quality. Understanding the shop’s quality practices helps avoid receiving out-of-spec end products.  

Production Scalability  

Knowing whether a shop can seamlessly scale its production capacity is vital for supporting your current and future needs. Ask prospective vendors about the scalability of their capabilities and shop capacity. Make sure they can expertly handle both low-volume prototyping jobs as well as high-volume production when you eventually transition to manufacturing.

Materials and Secondary Services

Double check that any shop provides all the necessary materials and secondary services your metal fabrication project requires in addition to precision metal manufacturing. Some projects also need 3D printing, CMM inspection, specialty coatings or additional materials beyond metal. Ensure vendors can handle everything your complete end product demands or have trusted partners they work with.  

Responsiveness and Communication

Fabricating custom metal components on deadline with no delays takes clear communication and responsiveness from your vendor. Discuss expectations for response times when quoting jobs, addressing questions during projects, reporting production updates, etc. Make sure the shop values open communication like you do.

Pricing and Proximity 

What metal fabricators charge for their services varies based on capabilities, capacities, experiences and locations. Make sure to get quotes from multiple vendors when budgeting. Also consider shops located closer to you to save on rush delivery fees for tight deadline projects. Vet each shop’s pricing models and production locations.

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Finding and vetting the right partner for your metal fabrication needs takes time upfront but pays dividends over the long term. Rushing to pick any shop desperate for business can seriously backfire down the road – impacting quality, pricing and on-time delivery. Respect your own time investment in the vetting process to find an ideal long-term fabrication partner that supports your current and future business growth.


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