Hiring A Professional Drain Inspection Company: Dos And Don’ts

Drain Inspection

If you’re experiencing backed up or slow-flowing drains, hiring a professional drain inspection company like The Relining Company is important to determine where the clog or damage is occurring. Choosing the right company and knowing what to expect can save you time, money, and hassle down the road. Here are some dos and don’ts when selecting and working with a drain inspection service.

DO ask for referrals from people you trust

Talk to friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have used drain inspection services before. They can tell you about their experiences and make recommendations. Online reviews can also be helpful, but take them with a grain of salt.

DO check credentials and licenses

Make sure any company you consider hiring has licensed, bonded, and insured technicians. Ask to see their state license number. This helps ensure they have the proper training and oversight to provide drain inspections. 

DO get estimates from multiple companies.

 Prices and fees can vary widely from one drain inspection company to another. Contact 3-5 recommended services to compare costs and services. Beware of prices that seem too good to be true.

DO clearly explain your drain issues

When you call for an inspection, clearly describe any drainage problems you’ve noticed, such as backed up sinks or tubs, gurgling sounds, smelly drains, etc. The more details you can provide upfront, the better.

DO ask what’s included

Find out exactly what a drain inspection from a given company includes. Will they run a camera down the drain line? Check all sinks, tubs, and outdoor drains? Determine if tree roots or pipe damage are causing problems?

Now lets come to the Dont’s:

DON’T hire a company that refuses to give you an estimate

Any professional drain inspection service should provide free, written estimates before starting work. Beware if a company claims it can’t give a price estimate in advance. 

DON’T feel pressured into signing a contract right away

A reputable company won’t rush you to make a hiring decision on the spot. Take time to evaluate multiple estimates and research companies further if needed. 

DON’T hire an inspector that recommends immediate expensive repairs before doing diagnostics. 

First a camera inspection should be conducted to determine what is actually going on in your drains before any repairs are suggested or made.  

DON’T overlook the importance of reviews and reputation

Take a close look at reviews on multiple websites as well as ratings with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. This feedback can reveal important information about a company’s reliability, honesty, service quality and more.  

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When you follow these dos and don’ts during your selection process, you’re much more likely to hire a professional, ethical, and competent drain inspection company. This will set you up for an accurate diagnosis of any underlying drainage system issues so appropriate repairs can be made. Taking the time upfront to choose the right provider will give you peace of mind that one of your home’s most important systems is in good hands.


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