Where Is David Shamblin Buried?

David Shamblin

David was a kind and friendly man who died in May 2023 at 68. Many people know him mainly because he was Gwen Shamblin’s first husband. However, their marriage ended in divorce after being together for 40 years. They had two children, and he was also blessed with eight grandchildren. 

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We’ill be exploring David’s life, his lasting impact, legacy, and how his leaving has affected those who cared about him.

Who was David Shamblin?

David Gordon Shamblin started his journey in Chattanooga, TN. He went to McCallie Boys Preparatory School for High School. He finished his Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1978.

He was well-liked for being reliable and committed to communities in Tennessee and beyond. Throughout his 68 years, David’s strong religious faith played a significant role. It deeply affected those lucky enough to know him. 

It Is essential to mention that not much information is known about his life, suggesting that he liked to keep it private and quiet. Even though we do not have many details, his focus on education and achievements shows that he was a man committed to personal and intellectual growth.

David’s Professional and Academic Achievements

David Shamblin spent most of his grown-up life as an investor and trader. He also took time to learn more by almost finishing his Masters of Divinity at Harding University Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, TN.

Besides doing well in finance, David showed he had many skills and a strong commitment to always learning. Trying to get a Master’s in Divinity showed that David Shamblin was very interested and dedicated to learning.

David and Gwen Shamblin’s Family and Personal Life

David Gordon Shamblin and Gwen Henley Shamblin were together for a long time, sharing many experiences for about four decades. Even though they went their separate ways in 2017, David continued to love and support their children, Michael Shamblin and Michelle Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah.

The reason for their divorce is not completely shared. Some people believe Gwen might have been with Joe Lara while still married. Another reason could be that they had different religious beliefs, which became a big problem. 

In 2007, people who followed Gwen, Joseph, and Sonya had legal problems because of something sad that happened with their child. The church that Gwen leads, the Remnant Fellowship Church, stood by them during the trial. This might have caused problems between Gwen and David, leading to their divorce.

Family was really important in David’s life. Even with life being sometimes complicated, David always cared about making sure his children were happy and doing well. Their strong bonds and shared history showed how important family was to him.

Having eight grandchildren made David’s family even happier. The love, commitment, and strong connections between different generations showed how important family was to him. The family’s legacy, carried on by his children and grandchildren, shows how David made a big difference in building a strong and connected family.

The Role of David Shamblin at Remnant Fellowship Church

David Shamblin was part of the Remnant Fellowship Church, which follows Christian beliefs. This church teaches people to have a strong connection with God and live a kind and humble life centred around the teachings of Christ.

Even though David was a church member, he did not show up at any public events or services. He liked to keep a low profile and did not talk much with other members. 

Where Is David Shamblin Buried?

David Gordon Shamblin, aged 68, passed away in Nashville on May 19, 2023. He was a kind and generous person, often seen enjoying a cigar with his many friends at a cigar shop or on the golf course. He liked talking with people, making them laugh, and always curious to learn new things.

David wanted to be buried next to his parents, Gordon and Irene Shamblin, at the Chattanooga Funeral Home. His children, older brother Charles (Charlie) Shamblin, and many friends will miss him dearly. According to his obituary, he was laid to rest next to his parents, fulfilling his final wish.


David Shamblin was a kind and friendly person who cherished family faith and always wanted to learn. Even though he went through tough times, like a divorce after being married to Gwen for 40 years, he stayed devoted to his kids and grandkids. 

Even though much of his life is private, we can see that David significantly impacted the people who knew him. Wanting to be buried next to his parents at the Chattanooga Funeral Home shows his strong connection to where he came from.

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