Top 3 Last Epoch Mages Builds – Best Recommendations

Top 3 Last Epoch Mages Builds – Best Recommendations

Last Epoch is a hack and slash action role-playing game released in 2019. The player community has well received the game since its release. The opening of the trading system this time has brought the popularity of this game to a new height. Below I will introduce several construction guides about Last Epoch. Whether you are a new player or an elder, you may wish to take a look. I believe you will gain something after reading it.

In Last Epoch, Mages are undoubtedly the most powerful currently and nothing can defeat magic. Therefore, it would be better to choose a good mage build and buy Last Epoch Gold in advance to be fully prepared to make the player invincible.

Whether you are studying runes, large-scale explosion magic, or wielding a sword with spell bonuses, I believe there is always a category suitable for you among the mage specializations classified as follows: Runemaster, Magician, and Spell Blade.

Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the preferred builds for each mastery, as well as the corresponding skill guides to help us show the true charm of magic, or head to IGGM where there are various build guides for Last Epoch if you like other builds, that is also a good choice.

Best Mage Runemaster build

The Runemaster is a very interesting specialization. Its main content is setting up ward, and on this basis, pay attention to your rune combination. With the right combination of runes, you can unleash devastating power and deliver an unforgettable impact to your enemies. The following will help you quickly master spell management.

Start by specializing in the Flame Rush skill to move around and create searing explosions behind you. This skill generates fire runes, which serve as the foundation for the Runemaster.

As for the node on the skill specialization tree, Blazing Flux is recommended, which ensures that Blaze Dash consumes less mana and has a shorter cooldown. To ensure you take less damage when using Fire Dash, Runic Eclipse is your best choice.

Whenever the player casts an elemental spell, Rune Invocation passively generates runes that sit passively at the top of the screen or above the mage’s head. Players can activate this skill and release these runes in the rune summons to bring out the Runemaster’s true strength with a reasonable combination of runes.

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Best Mage Sorcerer build

If you are a player who is passionate about “explosion is art”, the Sorcerer must be the best for you. As a representative of AOE damage, the Sorcerer can attack all enemies within the range at once, giving players a very heroic visual impact. For this reason, I think Glacier Sorcerer, which turns enemies into ice sculptures while keeping mana flowing, is currently the most suitable build recommendation.

As the build name suggests, glaciers are the wizard’s primary means of bringing frost damage. Players will direct multiple icy blasts, causing them to travel in the direction of the player’s choosing and deal with increasing amounts of incremental damage and Gold Last Epoch.

Therefore, it is very necessary to invest points into as many damage boosting nodes as possible to ensure that no enemy can recover from your glacier attack. Use Cold Victory and Critical Rejuvenation to gain mana after a kill. I believe this fits well with your focus skills and can maximize the power of the Mage Sorcerer. .

Don’t lose sight of a single goal!

The Ice Barrage skill opens a crack and shoots icicles from the crack for five seconds. This is a very good DPS skill, and Ice and Snow Barrage can help you solve a single target very well. This is something Glacier cannot solve. And if you still don’t have enough power, just buy Last Epoch boosting to solve these problems directly. Also, the discount code “WATER” can provide an additional 5% off.

Best Mage Spellblade build

The Spellblade breaks the fixed, thinking that mages can only retreat behind the battle line. Fighting with the enemy on the front line is also its charm.

The Spellblade is a mage, but it’s just as well with a sword as it is with magic. For players who are keen on modern combat styles and like to cast magic, this is irresistible.

Unlike other mage masteries, Spellblade focuses on enchanted weapons, so the research on enchanted weapons is very necessary, which can greatly improve the player’s strength. Spellblade’s melee attacks will always passively deal 15% more elemental damage, and when this skill is activated, the elemental damage will be increased to 50% for five seconds.

Concentration is necessary to extend the duration of enchanted weapons, as is ability to increase melee attack speed. Since this is a cold-focused build, Frost Mark, which deals extra melee cold damage, is essential.

The Mana Strike skill is a reliable option for players to recover lost mana during early attacks. When the player activates this skill, he will launch an arcing attack wave, and 15 mana points will be returned to enemies if they are in the line of fire. In addition to this, the Mana Strike skill ensures that we don’t run out of mana when facing angry mobs, which is crucial for us.

Shatter Strike is indispensable. Players deal most of their damage through Shatter Strike, where the Spellblade creates a giant circle around them, dealing intimidatingly cold damage.

In summary, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of mage construction. If you choose the mage build, I believe this can give you some help.


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