Lodha New Cuffe Parade Review

Lodha New Cuffe Parade

beautiful view was all I was looking for and the Lodha New Cuffe Parade came as a surprise. When I first shifted to Mumbai I always wanted a nice cozy place of my own where I could live with my roommates or bring my family someday. The time passed and eventually, I was in a position to buy myself a big home where I could live peacefully without having to think about paying rent and bills.  

Having your own home is such an amazing thing as you don’t have to think about rent or any minor inconvenience. When you have your place you’re free to design it the way you want and take your space.

Recently I was looking for a home online and I came across a surreal home in the heart of Mumbai Lodha New Cuffe Parade. A humongous place with absolute beauty. The place was located Near Imax Dome, Chembur Road, Sion, Wadala East, Mumbai. When I first saw the layout I was stunned because the design was pretty appealing and it had a very premium design which was quite engaging. 

When I started looking for properties I told myself that I was gonna take my time and choose the best property for me and my family and after searching for months I finalized this place Lodha New Cuffe Parade. Making a big investment of ₹3.85 Crores to ₹10.5 Crores isn’t an easy decision. Multiple elements are needed to be verified and reviewed to avoid any future trouble. 

The place is designed by the lodha group who are one of the most popular builders in Mumbai. The place is present at Mumbai’s Best Connected Location with its Largest Private Open Space and offers World-Class Living At Affordable Value. The biggest deal of getting a home here is because of its Lavish Amenities and spacious rooms.  

Why Is Lodha New Cuffe Parade The Right Investment For Me? 

When I started looking for properties my only goal was to choose the property that has a lot of amenities and good space for my people. This project Lodha New Cuffe Parade is one of the most popular previous and popular projects in Wadala East, Mumbai which made me curious about the property. The builders were offering 2,3, and 4 BHK flats with amazing amenities making the place more appealing.  The project area is  23.00 acres with a price point of ₹3.85 Cr.  

This property was the perfect place for me because getting a home in a popular place like Wadala would be good for me. The price point was convenient for a 3BHK in Mumbai. Good construction with lavish amenities made it the right choice where I’ll be giving comfort to my family for years. A good reliable house is a dream of many and that being said I invested in this place. The layout of the property was quite amazing to examine and the structure of the homes was also unique. 

  1. Badminton court and Tennis court

As I love playing games, having a Badminton and tennis court is leverage and with that, I can play these games with my friends whenever I want. A full-fledged badminton and tennis court will allow me to play whenever I want. 

  1. Community hall and clubhouse

One of the biggest key points of this place was its clubhouse which is all premium and huge making it easy for people to do various things here. There’s also a community hall where people can connect and enjoy their time being there. 

  1. Lift, Intercom and Wi-Fi 

The place has a lift accessible to all the rooms in the building. Intercom to communicate effectively and a wifi which means there’s no problem with connectivity and I can enjoy the internet easily. 

  1. Rainwater harvesting and Power backup

Using the resources right we have a rainwater harvesting system which can be used effectively. For people to not get any inconvenience there’s a power back-up. 

  1. Indoor games and Library

The place has multiple indoor games which people can enjoy. I love playing chess and I’ll be playing chess here with my friends and family. I also like reading novels and having a Library was a must-have on my list and to my surprise there’s a library where I can read books. 

  1. Gym and Jogging track

Being a fitness freak having a Gym is a must-have element for every society and this place right here has a huge gym and a nice jogging track where I can lift weights and also go for a run whenever I want. 

  1. Maintenance staff and Security

There’s proper maintenance staff to ensure people don’t face any inconvenience being at the place. There’s proper security for people living in this place. 

  1. Swimming pool and Vastu compliant

Next, we have a swimming pool at this place allowing me to go to swim whenever I want to enjoy my time in the water. The place we’ll design and align which makes it vastu compliant. 

  1. Visitor parking and Children’s play area

As people face multiple problems parking their cars I have a good parking space at this place where I can park my car. 

All these Amenities for a good investment were all worth it and thanks to no broker-verified property listings which helped me get this place. If you’re looking for some amazing places check out NoBroker.in.


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