What is paper trading on the Cryptorobotics platform?


In today’s world of digital technologies and cryptocurrencies, investors and traders are constantly looking for effective tools to manage their investments. One such tool is paper trading on the Cryptorobotics platform. This feature allows users to test their trading strategies on real quotes without the risk of losing funds.

Basics of Paper Trading

Paper trading, or demo trading, is a simulation of real cryptocurrency trading. The trader uses virtual funds to carry out operations in the market, which allows for evaluating the effectiveness of strategies and making informed decisions before starting to trade with real funds.

How does paper trading work on Cryptorobotics?

Paper trading on Cryptorobotics simulates real trading in the cryptocurrency market using virtual funds. After creating a demo account, users can:

  • Choose different assets for trading, such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other financial instruments.
  • Use real market data to make deals, allowing for relevant experience without financial risks.
  • Apply various trading strategies and analytical tools on the platform to make buying or selling decisions.
  • Track the results of their trading operations and analyze the effectiveness of strategies using advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Thus, paper trading provides traders with a full-fledged trading simulation that carries all aspects of real operations, except for the use of real money. This offers the opportunity to experiment, learn, and improve in trading without financial losses.

Benefits of Paper Trading on Cryptorobotics

Learning without the risk of losing funds

Paper trading allows beginners to learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading and various trading strategies without financial losses.

Strategy Testing

Experienced traders can use paper trading to test and refine their trading strategies in changing market conditions.

Learning the Platform

Paper trading on Cryptorobotics also allows users to familiarize themselves with the platform’s functionality and interface before starting to trade with real money.

What tools are available for paper trading on the Cryptorobotics platform

A wide arsenal of tools is available for paper trading on the Cryptorobotics platform, which helps traders develop and test their trading strategies in a safe simulated environment. Here is a detailed overview of key tools:

  • Trading bots: Allow automating trading operations based on preset algorithms. Traders can customize bot parameters according to their trading strategies, saving time and minimizing emotional influence on the trading process.
  • Copy trading: This feature allows copying the deals of successful traders. Beginners and experienced traders can benefit by replicating the strategies and deals of professionals on their demo accounts.
  • Crypto signals: The platform offers cryptocurrency trading signals, which are recommendations for entering or exiting trades based on market analysis. These signals help traders make informed decisions and test their effectiveness without the risk of losses.
  • AI bots (auto-following): Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms analyze the market and automatically execute trading operations, relying on historical data and current trends. This allows traders to experiment with advanced trading technologies.
  • Charts: Provide detailed real-time price charts for all available cryptocurrency pairs, supporting various tools and indicators for technical analysis. Additionally, users can test such types of orders in the demo version of the platform as limit, stop-limit, and market order.
  • Technical analysis: Includes various tools and indicators, such as moving averages, RSI, MACD, and others, allowing traders to analyze market trends and identify potential entry and exit points from trades.
  • Smart orders: Allow traders to set advanced parameters for orders, such as stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stop, automatically minimizing risks and securing profits.
  • Ladder smart orders: This tool allows placing multiple orders to buy or sell at different prices, creating a “ladder” of orders. This strategy helps traders maximize profits and minimize risks during significant market fluctuations.

Using these tools in combination, users of the Cryptorobotics platform can effectively develop, test, and refine their trading strategies, as well as learn risk and capital management in a controlled and safe paper trading environment.

How to start paper trading on Cryptorobotics?

To start paper trading, the user needs to register on the Cryptorobotics platform and select the demo exchange option. Then, it is necessary to create a key on the demo exchange, after which the user will gain access to a virtual account with a preset balance for conducting trading operations with any instruments.


Paper trading on the Cryptorobotics platform is a valuable tool for traders of all skill levels. It allows risk-free exploration of trading basics, testing, and refining strategies, and familiarizing with the platform’s functionality. Through this, traders can increase their chances of success in the real cryptocurrency trading market.


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