How To Order A Skip For Rubbish Removal For Your Church


Keeping the grounds around your church tidy and free of rubbish is important both for aesthetics and for maintaining a welcoming environment for parishioners and visitors. However, with all the activity that happens on church property, rubbish can accumulate quickly. Arranging for a skip rental like Best Price Skip Bins is an easy and efficient way to remove all that trash and keep your church looking its best. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to order a skip for rubbish removal for your place of worship.

Assessing Your Needs 

The first step is deciding what size skip you require. Consider how much rubbish needs to be removed and the types of items that will be discarded. A standard 6-yard skip is suitable for general waste like paper, plastics, glass, garden cuttings etc. You may need a larger 8 or 10-yard skip if you’re undertaking minor renovations or have a one-off clear out of stored junk. Specialist skips are also available e.g. for wood or hardcore rubble.

Research Local Skip Hire Companies

Once you know what you need, research skip hire companies in your local area. Look for companies that service churches and can deliver skips at times suitable for you, such as weekends or evenings. Shortlist a few companies and compare prices and services to find the best value option. Check what is and isn’t allowed to be placed in their skips too.

Book Your Skip 

When you’ve selected your skip hire company, book your skip specifying the size and type you need and your preferred delivery date. Most companies will ask you how long you need the skip so they can schedule a collection. Usually you can have a skip on site for anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. Confirm what the hire costs cover e.g. delivery, rental fees per day, collection, disposal etc. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly too so you understand your responsibilities.

Prepare The Site

Make sure there is a suitable space on your church grounds for the skip, such as on a driveway or parking area. The location should allow clear access for the truck delivering and collecting the skip. Clear the area of obstructions and cordon off the space if necessary. Lay boards under the skip if placing it on grass or soft ground. Make sure waste can be easily transferred into the skip container.

Fill Up and Maintain The Skip Properly  

Once delivered, you can start filling your skip with rubbish. To make full use of capacity, break or flatten bulky items and stack neatly inside. Don’t overfill or force items that could prevent proper closure. Make sure nothing can blow away and no rubbish spills beyond the skip itself. Any hazardous liquids, chemicals, batteries etc will likely be prohibited by the hire company. Keep the skip covered if possible and follow any other maintenance guidance provided.

Arrange Skip Collection

Monitor your skip as you load it and arrange a collection with your hire company when it reaches capacity. If you’ve exceeded the agreed rental period you may start incurring additional charges. On the day of collection, remove any lock bars and clear continued access to allow the truck easy removal. Once it’s gone, tidy the vacated area.

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Having a skip on site makes it straightforward to gather and efficiently remove large volumes of rubbish all at once. Following these tips will ensure renting a skip goes smoothly and cost-effectively. A clean churchyard improves your facilities, makes caring for church grounds easier for staff, and creates an inviting environment for the community you serve. Ordering a skip rental enables this important maintenance responsibility with minimum hassle. Your parishioners and visitors will appreciate you keeping your church’s exterior spaces looking their best.


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