Effective financial management: how corporate cards help in this regard

Effective financial management: how corporate cards help in this regard

Business success is only possible with competent financial management. This axiom applies to any industry. Many innovative solutions can be used to optimise all financial processes. The simplest and most accessible are corporate cards. Despite their visual simplicity, they will help a business develop and increase its profits in skilled hands. For this tool to help achieve the goal, it is necessary to develop a strategy for its use initially. It will allow you to make the company’s activities effective much faster.

How to use corporate cards effectively?

For corporate cards to benefit the business, it is not enough to hand them out to employees and wait for financial abundance to come. Using them correctly and teaching your staff to do the same is important. A corporate card project will be effective for the company if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Separate the cards according to functional responsibilities. Only some employees are authorised to manage corporate finances. Cards are issued only to those whose job descriptions specify actions requiring the use of company funds. The cards are also divided into groups, depending on the level of the position held by the employee. Separate limits and service levels are provided for each group. This approach makes it easier to analyse card expenses and control the budget.
  2. Limit and control card usage. Limits can be set for different card groups or even spending categories. You can use incentives for individual employees to raise the corporate card limit. Limiting and strictly controlling finances helps prevent overspending and deter users from rash spending.
  3. Pay attention to payment automation. If an employee has to make regular payments for rent and other services, these payments should be automated. They won’t have to spend time paying taxes or car maintenance every month, and with the time freed up, they will be able to devote themselves to their direct job duties.
  4. Analyse corporate expenses. Doing this through a special platform is convenient, but you can also use traditional bank statements. In the second case, analyses take much longer, as it is difficult to get all information about all transactions on all cards at once. On a special platform for card programme management, information can be filtered and provided by the department, by individual employee categories or by each employee separately. Analysis of corporate card information will identify areas for optimisation and cost reduction. It will help improve the efficiency of individual business processes and the business as a whole.

When a card project is executed in a bank, the above conditions aren’t easy to fulfil. In this case, all changes and organisational issues need to be discussed and agreed upon with the banking institution’s staff. Issuing cards through an independent platform, Business Wallester is much more convenient. It allows you to launch and manage card projects of any size and purpose.

All expenses on the platform are tracked online. It is easy to analyse them and plan your budget accordingly. Free access to information ensures prompt detection of deviations from planned expenses and allows you to correct them quickly.

How does the Wallester Business platform help in financial management?

Wallester Business is a multifunctional platform. Its main purpose is to issue physical and virtual cards of different types. Many people still need to be made aware of innovative financial solutions and continue to trust the slightly outdated banking system. Using an innovative platform, a business gets a lot of advantages:

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  1. Resource savings. A business takes several to six months to bring a card product to market through a bank. Issuing cards through the platform begins immediately after signing a contract with the company. Some decide to develop their platform for issuing cards. In this case, not only a lot of time is spent, but also huge funds for building infrastructure and finding qualified IT staff.
  2. High degree of security. Cards issued by the platform have information security corresponding to the Visa card level. They are protected by multi-level encryption and 3D Secure security protocol, providing an additional authentication step. Such solutions minimise the likelihood of information about the cardholder and his transactions being stolen.
  3. Ease of use. All card data is displayed on the platform in real-time, making it easy to monitor and analyse. The finance department can also timely prevent unnecessary spending and approve business-boosting purchases.
  4. Easy card programme management. Not only are cards issued through the platform but they can also be reissued, blocked and unblocked. You don’t need to go to a bank or other institution to do this, all actions are available directly in Wallester Business .

Cards issued by the Wallester Business platform can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted. This is very convenient when travelling abroad. When employees arrive home, they do not need to look for an exchange office and change the currency back to the national currency. They can pay everywhere with a card, and the conversion occurs automatically at the most favourable exchange rate.

The White Label solution allows cards with individual corporate designs to be issued through the Wallester Business platform. Such payment means will become an additional tool for brand advertising. They will not only help to improve the company’s image but also increase the efficiency of its financial management.


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